Immortal Companion

Fri, 1960-01-01

My soul in its bondage wrestled

To rise above the humdrum things,

I knew not how to quell this

Restlessness, within me.


Till I sat upon the beach

Watching the constant waves;


Drowned in moonlight was I

Till I felt enveloped

In a moonshine membrane

Encircling me and the

Florescent waves.


While the star spangled membrane

And the cool heavenly winds

Wrapped me in an anesthetic softness

My soul made its escape.


Intoxicated by Nature

And the sweet strains of music,

I awaited the return of my restless soul.


While I sat upon the beach

‘T was not my restless soul

That to its bondage return;


But from its sublime Heights

Subsiding like a gentle sigh

Within my being,

My immortal companion,

Soothed temporarily.