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  • 33-A. CONCENTRATION. (edited)



    The question asked was how to achieve concentration in namaz? 

    Hazrat Saheb said, when you recite during namaz, do not do so, parrot like.

    You must reflect on the meaning of the words you recite and try to feel

    The awe, the promise, and the grandeur of the Being you are worshipping.


    Remembrance of Allah is necessary. Not remembering Him only, during Prayers/

    Namaz, but continually keep Him in remembrance. Keep Him in mind

    and remember Allah all day with a feeling of humility and awe. To achieve

  • Rules or Etiquette after Worship and Prayers. By Hazrat Shahidullah Faridi.rh.

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    Extracts from Hazrat Shahidullah Faridi Rh.'s Discourses printed in Urdu  Book, "Malfuzat e Sheikh" published in 1996 Savera Art Press. Lahore.

    Rules or  Etiquette after
    Worship and Prayers.
    By Hazrat Shahidullah Faridi.rh.

  • Aurad Fatahiyah

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    In the name of Allah All Merciful the Compassionate

                                                    Aurad Fatahiyah.


  • Dua e Riqab

    In the name of Allah the all Merciful the Compassionate


    O Allah! O holder of our reins, O opener of the doors and O source of all resources, provide us the means whereby we may ask of Thee. O Allah absorb us in Thy service, secure in Thy justice, with no dependence upon Thy creatures, secure in Thy grace, deploring any besides Thee, content with whatever is Thy decree.



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    Translation of  33 pages extracted from Book  written By Hazrat Zauqi Shah Saheb, translated by Fauzia Dossani

    Burzakh is about the human soul from the time just before death to after the burial.
    It means the threshold between this world and the life after death.


  • Malfuzat / Discourses

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    Malfuzats are Talks given by Hazrat Shahidullah Faridi rh. to members of the Order, usually on Sunday mornings. 

    These are translated extracts from a collection of his Talks in Urdu from a Cd Rom.

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