Dua e Riqab

In the name of Allah the all Merciful the Compassionate


O Allah! O holder of our reins, O opener of the doors and O source of all resources, provide us the means whereby we may ask of Thee. O Allah absorb us in Thy service, secure in Thy justice, with no dependence upon Thy creatures, secure in Thy grace, deploring any besides Thee, content with whatever is Thy decree.


Make us compliant to Thy commanded duty, persevering in any misfortune grateful for all Thou have bestowed, thankful for all blessings. Enjoying Thy remembrance; rejoicing in Thy Book; understanding of secrets of the midst of night and the limits of the day, rejecting the worldly and loving the Hereafter; yearning for meeting Thee: turning towards Thy presence in readiness for death.


O our Sustainer, bestow upon us that which Thou has promised us thru Thy messengers and disappoint us not on the Day of Judgment for assuredly Thou does not Thy promise forsake. O Allah make thy guidance our friend and make the right path our path, O Allah make us attain our goal/objective and accept our repentance for undoubtedly you turn compassionately towards those who repent.


O Allah, with Thy name we begin the day and with Thy name we end the day and we live at Thy behest and shall die at Thy behest, to thee is our return. O Allah let us earn Thy pleasure, of turning to thy Face and a yearning to meet with Thee. O Allah, show us the true path as the right one and grant us to follow this and show us the false path as the wrong one and sustain us in rejecting it.


O Allah, show us the truth of matters as they really are and raise us as Muslims. Let us associate with the righteous. Dispel the mischief of the oppressors, and include us in the supplications of the Momins, arouse us from the sleep of the negligent and let us earn the intercession of the leader of messengers, admit us to Paradise in peace and safety. Gather us together with the God conscious and deliver us from the fire, O Giver of refuge.




O Allah! Forgive the Ummat of Muhammad (Peace be upon him/slm).

O Allah! Have mercy on the Ummat of Muhammad slm.

O Allah! Help the Ummat of Muhammad slm.

O Allah! Ease the difficulties of the Ummat of Muhammad slm.

O Allah! Reform the Ummat of Muhammad slm.

O Allah! Console the Ummat of Muhammad slm.

O Allah! Exalt the Ummat of Muhammad slm.

O Allah! Empower the Ummat of Muhammad slm.

O Allah! Exonerate the Ummat of Muhammad slm.

O Allah! Friend of the penitent, accept our repentance.

O Giver of security to the fearful; make us fearless in Thy protection.

O Guide of those who stray, guide us on the way.

O Redresser of grievances and O Giver of hope to the hopeless do not shatter our hopes. O Merciful to the sinner have mercy upon us.

O Forgiver of sinners, forgive Thou our sins,

Separate us from our errors and cause us to die with the righteous ones.


O Allah! Forgive us our sins.

O Allah! Veil our faults.

O Allah! Enlarge our minds.

O Allah! Protect our hearts.

O Allah! Ease our tasks.

O Allah! Let us achieve our goals.

O Allah! Correct our imperfections.


O Allah, save us from what threatens us, O hidden Bestower of Grace.

O Allah forgive us and our parents and our mashaikh, our teachers, our contemporaries, our friends and those who are our own, and of our relatives and those who have claim upon us, and the entire Ummat of Muhammad slm. Save us our Lord from that calamity which Thou has decreed and save us from the punishment of the Day of Judgment and raise us with the God conscious and the righteous.


O Allah by virtue of the “Aurad-e-Fathiya,” open the doors of blessings and greatness. Guide us to Thy service and worship; protect us from calamities and misfortunes.

Give plenty to our livelihood and good deeds. O Allah O Generous One, protect us from all traumas and diseases.

Peace be upon the best of creations Hazrat Muhammad and on his aal/progeny and his companion altogether.[1]


Translated from Urdu…………………………………………………………………