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Page 46.

Nawab Ghazi Nizamaldeen Deccani Nizam.


The Breeze

Blowing from

The Arsh –

Reach Madinah

And convey my



Circle around the

King of Madinah

And convey my

Message with a

Thousand compliments/courtesies


There pray Namaz

On my behalf

Recite in a

Melodious voice while

Standing in Prayer

The Surah Muhammad

From beginning

To End!


Pass through

The door of Blessings/Rehmat

And at times

Lay down your

Forehead at

The Door of Jibraeel

Also at the Door of

Peace/Salam – recite

The Salam of my

Lord to the

Respected messenger.


With great Regard

And respect –

Place the mystery/secret

Of devotion on

Its earth

Shower Salam

On the distinguished/eminent

Soul of Khairulanam.


Become one with

The Psalms of David/Dawood

Learning the lamentation

Of  pining/yearning of Love!


In the Court

Of the messenger

Recite the poetry

Of this helpless/humble/needy