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Hazrat Shah Abdul Qudus Qudusi.


Greetings to the

Paramount leader

Of Makkah,

Madinah and Arabia.


We love you

With heart and soul

O, one eminently



My heart is

Stirred by

Your magnificence

Allah, Allah

Such splendour

You do possess.


You cannot be

Compared to man

As surpass you

The universe and

Adam and of

Distinguished lineage

Are you!


On the night journey

Your flight was higher

Than the heavens

You reached

Where no other

Prophet did enter


The fruits of

The orchards of Madinah

Forever bloom

By your presence

The sweetness/enchantment of

Your status known

All over the Heavens


Manifested was your

Virtuous presence

So the Quran

May be revealed

In Arabic.


Ashamed am I

Though I only consider

Myself as your dog!

Fearing it may

Be insolent to link

Myself to the

Cur on your lane/street.


Hundreds stand

At your door

In humility and

Hope – Roomi, Toosi

Hindi, Yemeni

And Halbi.


A sinner am I

Inquire not

About my deeds

Turn towards me

Your blessed/blissful

Forgiving self

Without a reason!


We all await to

Quench our thirst

As you are the

Fountain of Life!

Turn in compassion

To us -

Unquenchable now

Is our thirst!


Bestow a Blessed

Glance upon me

O Quraishi

O Hashmi

O Muttalabi.


O my Master/Leader

You alone are

 My beloved

You alone are

The healer of

My heart.


Qudusi comes to you

Desiring the balm/salve/panacea

To his pain!