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Page 39.

Hazrat Bu Alishah Qalandar


If it was not

For Love and

The yearning

For Love


No one would

Have written

Such beautiful poetry

Or listened to

Beautiful words.


If there was no Love

None would have

Reached God Nor

Would have

The Most Beautiful One

Cast aside His veil.


Had He bestowed

The display of

His Vision

The adored One

Would have snatched

Away Life and Soul

Of His adoring ones!


If there had been

No breeze – who

Would have blown

Thru/Aside Your curls

To display the

Countenance of

The beloved

To the adoring ones.


What namaz/worship/prayer

Can I observe in

My ecstasy and rapture

In which there is no

Standing, bowing or



If your heart

Possess not the

Love of the One;

Comprehended you

Would not have the

Meaning of standing,

Bowing and prostrating!


O One Who has

Neither face nor form

No other Being is

Visible besides Thee.


O Bu Ali – you set

Aflame the two worlds

When the smoke( you )escapes your

(Release from )

Your burning heart


If the One bestowing

Wine – would throw open

The doors of

His Tavern

Free of his yearning

Pain  would be

Every sober and sensible one.