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Page 38.

Hazrat Bu Alishah Qalandar.


The one cup I had

Caused such an ecstasy,

Know not I

Permitted or forbidden

Is this/it?


In the Tavern

I say my Prayers

Sans standing

Sans prostration.


Pre ordained is

Destiny to Faith

Or Unbelief

When I head on the

Path leading to You.


O boy – a

Smart worker be

Serve me Wine

As every reveler and

Every Tavern has/

Done away with/

Burnt?/ its Goods!






A wine that

Will erase even

The image of Jibraeel!

A cup of this Wine

Will even cause

The Arsh to Trill/ Throne to dance/stir?  



If I be called Kafir

It matters not

To me – what name

I am known by –

Enraptured/Intoxicated am I!


My courage flies

High – To the Throne

It soars…so never

And nothing can/will

Capture it!


If You refuse to

Be my Beloved

I too refuse to be

Enslaved by Thee


None can speak

As do You

Ecstasy and rapture

Are in your words!