50-A side (book 19)


50-A side (book 19)

Dil aazaari se bachna. Zaban par qaabu. 18 May 1975.


Be vigilant when you speak. In the course of the day we keep talking and many a time we hurt someone’s feelings. Be watchful and cautious about your speech as you may be causing distress to another, even unintentionally.


It is very important that we weigh our words before we utter/articulate something. An example of its importance is seen in a recorded incident; once a Bedouin came to

Prophet Mohammad may peace be upon him and asked to be given an advice on one virtue or action he must practice. The Prophet caught his tongue between his two fingers and said – control the tongue.


He then explained that offensive speech erases many a virtue. You may have spent time in devoted worship of Allah but if you hurt the feelings of another that erases all your good actions. So be wary when you speak.


You will come across many people who pray much and fast much and also have knowledge of the requirement and laws of Islam but who are careless of how and what they say and how many people they have hurt.


True Islam is visible in this sort of habits, whether a person causes distress or brings joy and peace to another when he speaks to them.


On the Day of Judgment even a goat that has been butted with the horns of another goat will be avenged – so if an animal has to compensate for such an action, what about man- he will be held accountable for his doings.


Therefore take great care of your speech. To talk little is the best means of saving yourself from the damage caused by careless talk. 


Gossip and backbiting is so common. People say we were only stating something which is true, so its not gossip. There is a place and time, even for the truthful exposure of a person’s fault. Such a truth must only be stated as a last resort and only if it may cause people to go astray. Remember backbiting is a mortal sin. (gunah e kabira)