49-A ….JUMA.


49-A ….JUMA.


At the time of Prophet Muhamad may peace be upon him, Friday was not a holiday. In fact, people did not take any time off, when they were tired they rested. This weekly holiday is of western culture origin.


Allah says, “When you are summoned to Friday prayers hasten to the remembrance of Allah and cease your trading. That would be best for you, if you but knew it. Then when prayers are ended, disperse and go in quest of Allah’s bounty.


There is no controversy about Friday as weekly holiday. People worked on Friday In fact there is an incident recorded in the ayat of the Quran, once the prophet was giving the Friday sermon when a caravan laden with goods arrived, and people ran away to see it. Allah said, “Yet when they see some merchandise or merriment, they flock to it eagerly leaving you standing alone.”


“That which Allah has in store, is far better than merchandise or merriment. Allah is the most generous giver.”

Instead of listening to Allah’s message from the Prophet you hope for some material gain by running to the caravan?

Trust in the rizq from Allah.

Remember Allah often, so that you may prosper.


Allah is the best provider; Allah has the keys to the treasures of heaven and earth and we are told that which is with Allah is far better than any worldly gain. If you had stayed with the prophet, what it would have gained you is Allah’s pleasure and nearness. You would be richly rewarded.


People feel and say that if we had been there we would never had done such a thing we would have given respect to the prophet and listened to him … think, what Allah says is for all time not just for that time.

 Today people say we know the precepts of the prophet and the commands of Allah but in today’s life we have to give up some rules…(for business and social obligations). Today too we turn away from Allah’s remembrance to other worldly gain in daily routine.


Allah says that He provides everyone with their needs- you must learn to have trust that He is the best giver and knows your needs-this trust will bring you closer to Allah.

He increases your sustenance or gives plenty to your sustenance/livelihood so it stretches more than you can imagine.

Nothing can compare some worldly gain to what Allah has in store for you.