49-A Hadees ‘La illaha illAllah’parhna.


Praying ‘La illaha illAllah’ will help a sinner go into Paradise has been quoted in reliable Hadees. It is reported that when Prophet Muhammad said this, his Companions asked him, “ even if the person has committed the sin of adultery or theft?”. The prophet said “Yes”, the question was repeated twice more, as was the practice of the Arabs. They always repeated the question 3 times. The Prophet each time answered, “Yes, praying La illaha illAllah will get even a sinner into paradise.”


Someone commented that if Allah says that ones sins will get pardoned by praying La illaha illAllah, then no one will try to do any good and will just rely on Allah’s pardon and forgiveness. Allah says in the Quran O Prophet tell my servants I will forgive them all their sins if they turn to me in sincere faith- Iman- and doing good deeds, amal-e- sualeh begets pardon and forgiveness.


No one can have any doubts about the Hadees, as the hadees have been narrated and authenticated by such Companions of the prophet of proven integrity, honesty, intellect and sincerity. It is not for anyone to comment or state their own analysis and thoughts on Hadees. It is just not done!


There is a Hadees about a man who drank water at a Well, when he was leaving after quenching his thirst he saw a a dog almost dying of thirst. The man took off his shoe and filling it with water  gave the dog a drink of water – Allah was pleased with this action of the man and forgave him all his sons – so even one single act of goodness can earn forgiveness for you. One must practice doing good.


Our faith in forgiveness should be balanced between the surety of Allah’s mercy and compassion and hope for His mercy, relying on His forgiveness and the fear of His displeasure and anger.


Allah has asked us to say Bism Allah, Rahman o Rahim and not to begin in the name of Allah Aziz ul Alim. For then we would have only feared Him and lost hope of mercy and may have given up any attempt of doing good and gain the benfits.