48. B Yad e Ilahi.


48. B  Yad e Ilahi.



In Sura Noor Allah describes the people whose hearts have a flame of Allah’s presence an awareness enclosed in a lamp…the glass of the lamp so transparently clear and bright that it shines like a star itself .


The mirror is so absolutely clear that when we look at the mirror we feel that we are looking at the light itself, the Saints say that this is the mirror of the heart. This flame emits light from the heart of the persons who remember Allah standing sitting and laying down. Such persons

are busy with their worldly duties but their hearts are ever immersed in the remembrance of Allah.


Every person’s heart has been endowed with the rays of Allah’s own Light and this is most evident in saintly people…when we meet them it is this radiance of Allah’s light that we perceive.


When one returns from Haziri at mazarat one definitely receives the effulgence and absorption in Allah…so you must try to retain and hold on to that by practising the constant remembrance of Allah. This force of remembering Allah…and the Prophet pbuh. And the Saints should not be a temporary experience but should become the very nucleus of your being.


Hazrat Saheb said that the thought often occurs that Muslims read the Quran or listen to the Quran but do not absorb/discern/incorporate guidance from it. Many people do not act upon what Allah is telling us to do. This fact is apparent both individually/zaati and collectively /ijtimai. It is evident from the fact of disagreement and splitting into groups of disputed beliefs.


The disagreements only occur as man wishes to follow some of Allah’s commands…the concrete ones like namaz, roza, quran, hajj, zakat but there is are so many moral precepts which he conveniently and subconsciously overlooks….or neglects! Though Allah repeatedly says in the Quran that he loves people who are truthful...patient in tribulation…persevering in effort to do good…and practice virtue.

Those who beg for His forgiveness, when they lapse into sin.


Allah appreciates His creatures who turn to Him for forgiveness as He too is ready to forgive repeatedly. The sinner who asks to be forgiven must feel regret – and shame for his misdeed /mistakes and have a sincere intention of making utmost effort to stay away from repeating the same.


Some people only read the Quran visually…without understanding the Arabic language, they do receive merit for it but it is a book of guidance so the purpose of that is not achieved. To read the translation is a must as the Quran is not something written so many centuries back for people of that time it is for universal guidance through all times on earth.


In fact it must be considered as a Book of Guidance for each of us individually. Consider it as addressed to us personally.

Decide to practise upon it, Allah has given much force to human intention and Allah Himself helps when we have made a firm intention and commitment to follow the precepts…the instructions. As you progress spiritually you will fathom these and reach the depths of comprehension with Allah’s blessings.