Tarbiat Zikr




In the course of the day when one is busy with the affairs of the day one ought to concentrate on Allah’s Being every 15 – 20 minutes for one or two minutes or even half a minute.  And when it is time for namaz then one can focus completely on Allah.


To concentrate on Allah every few minutes needs a lot of practice but once this is achieved one starts seeing Allah in every thing. Initially this state comes and goes. But when death is near it becomes permanent.





Seekers of Allah should always be aware of Allah’s presence. They should be doing Allah’s zikr in their hearts even when they are busy with their daily chores. It’s like when somebody has a toothache and is involved in his day’s work., he cannot completely forget about his toothache. Or when someone’s loved one dies one remains aware of this loss even as one is busy during the day.


In the same way the seeker of Allah should remain mindful of Allah.




7th Ramadan ul mubarik 1941 1360 hijri


Tonight after tarawih and halqa-e zikr Hazrat sahib said you must all do zikr in unison. Zikr should be done with etiqutette and enthusiasm. Whereas when you do zikr it looks like you are in great difficulty. Your doing so puts a great burden on my own self. And in this part of my life I should be focusing not on zikr but on moraqibas.


Zikr jehri is to be done in one’s youth. When my pir bhai deputy Nihaluddin used to do zikr Jehri windows would keep on breaking and they would forever be fixing them. Zikr must be done in unison and it must be carried out beautifully.


During Zikr if I become quiet you should carry on doing it in the same way and when we have to move on to the next line I will start conducting this zikr again. And then Hazrat Sahib said Allah is Beautiful and he loves beauty. Zikr is something very special it should be done in a most beautiful manner.



BARKAT OF ZIKR                                  (pg 184)


Zikr is a great worship. According to Mutaafiq Hadis Sharif (one that all schools agree on) Rasul Allah (SAW) said  some angels come to the earth looking for people doing zikr and when they find such people they call out to each other and gather around these people in a circle. And Allah asks them,” What state did you find my people in”?

They reply,” we found them praising your Greatness and your Purity”.

Allah says ,”Why have they seen me”?

They say, “No”.

Allah Jalla Shana  says, “ What will they do if they see Me”?

Angels say,” If they see you they will do your Tasbih, Tumheed and Tamjeed even more so”.

Allah Taala asks them, “What are they asking for”?.

Angels say, “ they are asking for deliverance from hell”.

“Why have they seen hell”? Allah Taala asks them

They say, “No”.

Allah asks them. “What will they do if they see what hell is like”?

“Then they will be even more averse to it”. Say the angels.

“What do they want”? Allah asks them.

They seek paradise”. They say.

“Have they seen paradise”? He asks

“No” they reply.

“What would they do if they saw paradise”?. He Asked.

“Then they will crave it even more”. They reply.

Then Allah Taala will say to them “I make you witness to their forgiveness.”

Then the angels say” Oh Great O! there was amongst them one who did not actually come with the intention of doing Zikr but for some other reason.”

“Even he will be blessed for sitting in the company of these blessed people”.


According to the Hadis

La yashaqee-o-la jalees-o-hom.

(Even the one sitting with them will not be deprived.)


After this Hazrat Sahib said, look how these people are rewarded with  salvation just because they come and sit amongst Zaakirs(people doing zikr).  For any  other good deed that they perform after this  they will be rewarded.

People pray mostly for salvation, but for seekers of Allah this is the starting point meaning salvation is the first thing they will be blessed with. According to other Ahadis. As soon as someone takes baait of a Shaikh al Zakireen, Salvation is a surety.


After this Hazrat Sahib said something as great as Zikr must be performed with the proper etiquettes and with the awareness of Allah’s presence.                                   (Pg187)


Allah Taala says

Waratil Quran aa-tartilun.

Read the Quran slowly and clearly


Once Rasul Allah (saw) overheard the Quran being recited, in a most beautiful manner, from the house of one of his companions as he was walking past with some companions. He stopped right there and listened until the recitation ended.

Next morning when someone told the person reciting the Quran, “last night the Holy prophet (saw) stood outside your house listening to your recitation.”

“Had I known Rasul Allah (saw) was listening to my recitation I would have recited in an even more pleasant tone” lamented the man.


After this Hazrat sahib said  “ according to a hadis , on the day of judgement there will be a man whose list of deeds will  contain only sins and not a single virtuous action,  Lord almighty will say to the angels. “Today is the day of justice and not a single soul will be wronged on this day. This man has done one good deed in his life that even you are not aware of. Once he called out My name with true devotion. Put this one good deed in the scale on one side and all his sins in the other side and see which weighs more.”

When this will be done the side that will carry the one virtuous deed will outweigh the other side by a huge margin.  This is how blessed Allah’s name is. Once recited with true devotion it can erase sins of a lifetime.