Dr. Moiz Hussain

Sun, 2006-01-01


A Wake up Call... Citizens!


I watched Prof. Moiz Hussain Ph.D. on a Television program titled Mind Empowerment (on Hum TV) and listened to him as he suggested solutions to the myriad problems of callers on the Show.

He was cool at the interruptions and gave such practical and positive answers; I decided that I must find out how he would solve the problems, we the Citizens of Pakistan were undergoing with the continuous stream of failed rulers and administrators!


What and how to train so that they may learn and practice integrity, efficiency, unselfishness...and learn to care and serve their voters and think of the citizens before themselves!


Why the psyche of the citizens is what it is...looking at the way we drive – the way we park – the lack of courtesy! The attitude of each one of us – whether it is a plumber, a carpenter, a tailor –the junior executive or the senior executive a bureaucrat or a zamindar...one and all. Nobody keeps his or her word, none working efficiently no one is concerned at what is going on all around them...no one protests as long they can get on with doing their own thing. I asked Prof Moiz why we have sunk into this lethargy.


“It has been our misfortune that after the Qaid e Azam we have not had a selfless leader, a visionary leader”! He answered. Some of the causes for the present psyche as I understood from our talk is the lack of leadership, lack of Justice and fairness, lack of enlightment and education, the present education does not generate awareness or enlighten the mind as such we can say 98% of our people are uneducated. What does a matriculation certificate give one? Where are the values the civic sense the awareness that we must impart both at home and the school?


           Our acceptance of injustice, our insensitivity our lack of protest, all these must go says Prof Moiz. Each of us must stand up for what is Right. Each of us must protest! Each and every individual must stand up for his or her rights.


         Wake up citizens! Come out of this apathy work in empathy. Look around you; hypocrisy reigns supreme –don’t take short cuts look at the unfairness...the injustice. Everyone is aware of the problems but we keep harping on the problems - start discussing the solutions, think of the solutions says Prof Moiz Hussain.


He regretted the lack of role models for our younger generations. There was time when every youngster planned and dreamt of joining the Armed Forces but today it is a different story.


If we don’t mete out justice and equity to the population we are inviting a revolution! How can the rulers have gold taps in their washrooms in a country where people do not have drinking water? Who live under scorching hot tin roofs in the sweltering heat of the day and spend nights without electricity while restaurants and Malls are illuminated like Eid.


This injustice in every facet of the lives of the poor is what is causing the attitude problem we have today as also the stealing of car tires, the rear view mirrors, the music decks...the snatching of cell phones even killing for it! “If and when roti will become Rs. 10 each it will be roti snatching soon, if we do nothing to bring in justice and fairness”! Says Prof Moiz regretfully.


There is no social commitment in us not even in the educated wealthy class. There may be twenty homes in a posh locality but they will not contribute and have their street cleaned or on their business street.

The clients or customers find it difficult to enter their stores but these well to do business house whether it is an eatery or an ice cream parlour will they spend the money and have a small strip repaired or concreted...NO... they don’t care!


Prof Moiz Hussain feels passionately about improving the condition of the people. To Empower the Minds to lift us up from the quagmire we are standing deep in. His slogan says, “Create a world to which people want to belong” I would like to read it as create a Pakistan to which people want to belong!



Prof Dr. Moiz Hussain is the founder of THE Institute of Mind Sciences in Karachi. He delivers lectures, workshops and seminars on various aspects of mind development to various organizations. He is considered an authority on Mind Sciences in Pakistan and abroad and has been teaching for 27 years.


Moiz Hussain is the creator of the internationally acclaimed Mind and Psychic Development Workshop also a Reiki Master with over 60 Reiki Masters trained by him. He is the original master and creator of programs which include “The Fourth Dimension” Level I and II, “Bypass the Bypass”, “Aesthetics”, “Glow and Grow”.


A recipient of the Best Instructor award, and best Speaker and Presenter awards in USA. His unique style of teaching and imparting knowledge has changed the lives of thousands of people who come into contact with him. Prof Dr Moiz Hussain holds a meeting every Thursday evenings in Karachi at Clifton at The Institute of Mind Sciences. TIMS near the Aashiana Shopping Mall. Attendance is free, and anyone interested may attend.


One solution for the betterment of our nation was cited by Moiz Hussain. It is a scientific experiment constituted by Mind over Matter. It has been tried and successfully tested in Japan and in one place in the USA. Every night if the people of Pakistan before going to bed close their eyes and visualize that our fields are rich and brimming with crops ready to harvest, our water reservoirs are full, visualize that our schools are full of students and devoted teachers, our hospitals are clean and with minimum patients...no power cuts...everyone has a job and are prosperous, happy and contented …visualize for your children a better future!


He says it will happen even if only 5 to 10 % of population practices this. In both Japan and America where they followed this experiment crime rate dropped, divorce rate dropped, health of people improved and there was better employment opportunities etc.





So Pakistanis lets brush away those cobwebs from our conscience and prepare for a better Pakistan and as Prof says, “Use your Mind for a Change”.


By Hasina H. Sajun.


2006 June.